A Rooftop Party to Remember

Tonight the board of 177 East 77th threw a rooftop party.  If you were there  I don’t have to tell you how successful it was! Great weather, snacks, a bartender with wine and Amstel Lite (she had me with the Amstel Lite).  And a message to our building:

Our roof must be fixed.  There is no debating this fact.  The question is, what kind of a roof do we want?  Beyond making it structurally safe, a number of people in our building would like to go a step further and make it a “green roof” .   A “green roof”  is both environmentally sound, aesthetically pleasing and extremely usable.

While many like the idea, other owners have made an important point: a “green roof” is not free.  Our board is currently reviewing proposals and will announce plans in the near future (when they do a follow up blog will be posted).

As a long time resident owner, I applaud the the board for taking so much time on its due diligence with regard to our roof.  I believe an investment in our roof (if done properly) can pay immediate dividends in our quality of life.  Moreover, when it comes time to sell, resident owners will see a greater profit due to the added value our roof.

How much will it cost?  Thats what I would like to know…

So what kind of roof would you like to have?  Is a “green roof” worth the investment?  Feel free to comment – we’d like to hear from you.

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One Response to A Rooftop Party to Remember

  1. nicole says:

    The roof is important but in my opinion it pales in comparison to our front door. The door needs to be replaced asap.

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