Madonna Seen at Atlantic Grill

Madonna's new home on the upper east side, nyc. This is a four story, Georgian style townhouse that sold for  million dollars. And one can even hear and feel the lexington avenue subway, as trains go by. But it boasts a two-car garage, a 3,000 square foot garden, nine fireplaces, an elevator and a wine cellar with a grotto, not to mention 13 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms.

Madonna’s New 13 Bedroom Townhouse on 81st btwn Lex & Third

Ok, ok – this is a gossip piece – but common – Madonna at Atlantic Grill!  Several late night sightings of the Material Girl have been reported since she purchased this fabulous $40M townhouse in 2009.  I wonder if she took advantage of the late night bar menu ($1.50 oysters after 9:30)?  Gotta economize somewhere.

Celebrity is nothing new to Atlantic Grill (or our neighborhood for that matter).  Among our high-profile neighbors who regularly dine there:  Abe Vigoda, David Duchovny, Christopher Meloni and Al Roker (you get the point).  Madonna – brings celebrity to a new high.  Smart move Madonna!  Paparazzi – stay away!

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