Fairway opening on 86th Street this Wednesday!


Enough said!  Please see their Web Site for all the details!

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A Rooftop Party to Remember

Tonight the board of 177 East 77th threw a rooftop party.  If you were there  I don’t have to tell you how successful it was! Great weather, snacks, a bartender with wine and Amstel Lite (she had me with the Amstel Lite).  And a message to our building:

Our roof must be fixed.  There is no debating this fact.  The question is, what kind of a roof do we want?  Beyond making it structurally safe, a number of people in our building would like to go a step further and make it a “green roof” .   A “green roof”  is both environmentally sound, aesthetically pleasing and extremely usable.

While many like the idea, other owners have made an important point: a “green roof” is not free.  Our board is currently reviewing proposals and will announce plans in the near future (when they do a follow up blog will be posted).

As a long time resident owner, I applaud the the board for taking so much time on its due diligence with regard to our roof.  I believe an investment in our roof (if done properly) can pay immediate dividends in our quality of life.  Moreover, when it comes time to sell, resident owners will see a greater profit due to the added value our roof.

How much will it cost?  Thats what I would like to know…

So what kind of roof would you like to have?  Is a “green roof” worth the investment?  Feel free to comment – we’d like to hear from you.

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Rooftop Gathering July 14th – 6:30PM – 8:30PM

There will be a rooftop gathering for resident owners of 177 East 77th.

This will be a great opportunity to learn about plans for the roofs needed renovation.  Will it be green?  Will it be functional?   Its your space – come check it out.

This meeting is a great idea!

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Happy Independence Day – 177 East 77th!

Here’s a short list of things to do if you are home this weekend (it all sounds so fun!):
Independence Day Cocktails @ Cooper-Hewitt
Thursday, June 30th at 6:00pm

Kick-off the holiday weekend with happy hour at Cooper-Hewitt! Enjoy seasonal cocktails and munchies in New York’s largest private garden as renowned DJ and music producer Rob Paine spins everything from reggae to techno to soul.

Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum 2 East 91st Street between Madison & Fifth Avenues
More Info

Jazz Guitar with Steve Miller
Thursday, June 30th at 7:00pm

He’s a joker, he’s a toker, and now a jazz guitarist too! Check out rock legend Steve Miller at The Met as he rocks the house with his unique blend of jazz, rock, and blues. What’s better? Sharing the stage with him will be guitarist Howard Alden and the Les Paul Trio.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art 1000 Fifth Avenue at 82nd Street
More Info

The Scene @ Tavern: 4th of July Pedal Stop
Saturday, July 2nd from 9:30am-4:30pm

Get physical this 4th of July weekend on a summertime bike ride through Central Park. Swing by Tavern on the Green for the latest and greatest on safety instruction, ride suggestions, basic bike repair, and (if you don’t have your own bike) rentals through Bike and Roll. And then keep on truckin’ through the rest of the park for the remainder of your day!

Central Park’s Tavern on the Green
More Info

Red, White & Boom SummerStage Concert
Sunday, July 3rd at 3:00pm

Pay tribute to the stars and stripes this eclectic mix of artists hitting Central Park’s SummerStage! The afternoon will be filled with Carnival meringues, rock ‘n roll, and pan-African beats with RAM, Group Doueh, Baloji, and GlobeSonic Sound System.

Central Park’s Rumsey Playfield
More Info

Lastly – a short article that takes an historical look at fireworks & fireworks parties on the Upper East Side  Upper East Side Fireworks Wars

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Construction For 2nd Ave. Subway Stops, Lacks Funding

Upper East Side residents may not see an end to the long construction project along the Second Avenue subway construction route due to a lack of funds, reports the New York Post.

Officials are encouraging residents to ask state lawmakers for money after learning capital funds for the construction could be gone by the end of this year. The lack of funds would keep transit officials from starting three contracts for stations at 72nd St., 86th St. and 96th St.

The federal government provided one-third of the $4.45 billion for the first phase of the Second Avenue subway, but lawmakers in Albany have yet to make any moves in providing more funds to complete construction.

For more on this story, visit the New York Post.

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Our To Do List – as discussed at the building meeting.

to-do-list.jpg (367×324)

Many interesting ideas came out of our annual board meeting. We seem to have some momentum to try and improve the building and our day to day interaction with staff and building management. Some action items for the board and others are noted below.

— create formal job descriptions for building staff

— obtain a computer for the front desk for unit owners and building management to communicate quickly and effectively with building staff (consider providing a blackberry or similar devise to super as well)

— interview mid-sized management companies to test market pricing and determine whether a new, more experienced management company can offer the services we expect at lower prices

— determine interest level of unit owners in constructing a roof deck (and whether it should be basic or more extensive) and installing a new front door

— work on tone of correspondence from management to unit owners in an effort to keep relations positive, even in difficult situations

— consider a more productive and efficient way of handling complaints

— refinance super’s unit

— close blog to all non-residents (i will ask blog creators to look into this)

— approach other buildings to start a block association

If i have missed anything, please comment.

Nicole Mesard (7B/C)

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Madonna Seen at Atlantic Grill

Madonna's new home on the upper east side, nyc. This is a four story, Georgian style townhouse that sold for  million dollars. And one can even hear and feel the lexington avenue subway, as trains go by. But it boasts a two-car garage, a 3,000 square foot garden, nine fireplaces, an elevator and a wine cellar with a grotto, not to mention 13 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms.

Madonna’s New 13 Bedroom Townhouse on 81st btwn Lex & Third

Ok, ok – this is a gossip piece – but common – Madonna at Atlantic Grill!  Several late night sightings of the Material Girl have been reported since she purchased this fabulous $40M townhouse in 2009.  I wonder if she took advantage of the late night bar menu ($1.50 oysters after 9:30)?  Gotta economize somewhere.

Celebrity is nothing new to Atlantic Grill (or our neighborhood for that matter).  Among our high-profile neighbors who regularly dine there:  Abe Vigoda, David Duchovny, Christopher Meloni and Al Roker (you get the point).  Madonna – brings celebrity to a new high.  Smart move Madonna!  Paparazzi – stay away!

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